Scientific-Consultative Council meeting at the Supreme Court of Georgia


On August 1, 2015, in the Supreme Court the Scientific–Consultative Councils working meeting was held. At the meeting the judges of the Supreme Court, Tbilisi appellate and Tbilisi City Courts, representatives of scientific circles, lawyers, magistrate judges from the regions, as well as representatives of the Prosecutor Generals Office were participated. The session was opened by a welcome speech of the Chairperson of the Supreme Court.

The subject of discussion was the amendments made in the criminal procedure code regarding the preventive measures, on July of current year; also on the draft law elaborated by the Ministry of Justice, which envisages the reform on interrogation of witness.

Purpose of the meeting was to discuss, debate, how these above mentioned changes will work in practice, and  what kind of comments have judiciary , lawyers, the scientific community and prosecutors office.

At the end of the session the Chairperson of the Supreme Court summarized the discussion and noted that such meetings are important due to the fact that it supports the development of judiciary and identifies the hindrances existing in practice.